What makes Eretz HaTzvi unique?

Multifaceted Curriculum (Not Just Gemara)

While our mornings are dedicated to Talmud, our afternoons are dedicated to non-Talmudic subjects. Two afternoons are dedicated to Halacha and Tanach, and one full afternoon to Jewish Philosophy. We also offer courses in Jewish History and issues relating to Judaism in the modern world.

Extensively Educated, Modern Orthodox Faculty

Our multi-generational faculty consists of experienced educators with extensive educational backgrounds both in top yeshivot and secular universities. We have a very high ratio of faculty to students and Eretz HaTzvi emphasizes one-on-one learning with members of our faculty as well as with our Israeli kollel.

Diverse Student Body

Students come from the United States, Canada, Australia, England, South Africa, and other parts of Europe. In the past, Eretz HaTzvi alumni during college have spent time in other countries with the close friends they made in Israel.

College Preparation

We are the first yeshiva to implement an extensive college preparatory program led by educators who have experience serving as rabbis on secular college campuses. While on campus, students are invited to return as part of our all-expense paid "recharge" program. Eretz HaTzvi maintains a close connection to students through numerous visits and Shabbatonim by faculty members to their campuses.

Centrally Located In The Heart Of Jerusalem

Eretz HaTzvi is located in a beautiful campus in the heart of Jerusalem walking distance to both the Old City and new attractions such as Emek Refaim and the Malha mall. Dormitory, Beit Midrash, sports facilities and many other amenities are all contained in one building.

Empowering Students To Lead In A Broad World

At Eretz HaTzvi we don't try to "inoculate" our students from the world but rather to empower them to be successful bnei Torah in the real world. We host a wide variety of guest speakers including famous rabbis, professors, and well known personalities. Our yemei iyun relate to topics such as: biblical criticism, academic Jewish studies, women's issues, sexual ethics, Israeli politics, and non-Orthodoxy. We successfully promote our students to take leadership roles in their communities and on campus.

Emphasis on Zionism and Modernity

Eretz HaTzvi is a proud Zionist yeshiva which celebrates the Divine gift of Medinat Yisrael and bestows a love of Eretz Yisrael. Many of our students choose to make aliya and serve in the IDF. Eretz HaTzvi partners with Bnei Akiva internationally. We run numerous programs for soldiers including delivering burgers on Purim to an army bases and sending other care packages to the army.

"Free Trip To Israel"

Through our one of a kind Recharge Program program, Eretz HaTzvi invites our college alumni back for two weeks of recharging their spiritual batteries.

If a student returns for two weeks and learns in the yeshiva as a full time student, we pay for the trip. One of the ways we maintain a close relationship with our alumni.

Chessed Programs

Students participate in both personal and yeshiva wide projects and are required to give of their own time towards helping others. Projects include "Big Brother" mentoring, Old Age Home music program and visits, tutoring Ethiopian Olim, Mishloach Manot packing with One Family Fund for victims of terror, visiting seniors in their homes, running a soccer program in Beit Sanhedria (children's home), helping single parents and more.. Chessed programs encourage students to make lasting connections with Israelis.