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Dedicated to instilling in its students a commitment for Avodat HaShem and a love for Torah learning coupled with a program designed to enable its students to thrive and serve as Torah committed leaders on campus and beyond.

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"BeSiman Tov U'Mazal Tov" alumni, faculty, and friends will, IY"H, make a siyum of the entire Shisha Sidrei Mishna at the Bar Mitzvah Celebration. Even for those who will not be able to attend, you can participate in the celebration with us by learning and then watching the siyum via live video fee. Please sign up for a chapter or Masechet or multiple Masechtot. (Even if you are out of a learning routine, here is a wonderful chance to learn a mishna a day over the next month.)

You can sign up by clicking here.

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Even if you cannot attend, you can also donate or take out a journal page by clicking the link below!

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Leadership Program in Arab-Israel Studies!

Only at Eretz HaTzvi

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"Free Trip To Israel"

Through our one of a kind Recharge Program program, Eretz HaTzvi invites our college alumni back for two weeks of recharging their spiritual batteries.

If a student returns for two weeks and learns in the yeshiva as a full time student, we pay for the trip. One of the ways we maintain a close relationship with our alumni.

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